Vivaldi for MySQL

Release Notes

Vivaldi 2.3.1

Minor fix to upgrade script to resolve key issue on ogs_application table.

Vivaldi 2.3

  • Runtime Experience
    • Users can choose to see Vivaldi in Spanish and French (beta)
  • Configuration and Design
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fix: Internet Explorer was not redirecting to login.php if the user did not include index.php in the URL before logging in.
    • Fix: The Menu Designer was not displaying existing menu items.

Vivaldi 2.2.1

Improved performance of table forms by 8% using compression for data returned from MySQL.

Vivaldi 2.2

  • Runtime Experience
    • Forms can now be opened using the formname in the URL parameter as follows: index.php?route=ogs/dynamicform.php?formname=YOURFORMNAME
    • Fix-Required label was showing on all items in row
  • Configuration and Design
    • New Form Designer layout
    • You can now copy form items from a Table to Detail form in the Form Designer to get your Detail form started faster.
    • Table forms now support Calculation fields that contain if() {} statements.
    • New option to show a logo instead of the application name on the header menu (use Administration>>Application Settings)
    • Detail forms now support Hyperlink as a display type. The bound field represents the URL. It will display the full link to the user unless you enter text in the 'Field Help' property (e.g., Click Here)
  • Miscellaneous
    • New User Statistics option on the Administrator dashboard

Vivaldi 2.1.2

  • Runtime Experience
    • Update to Font Awesome 5.4.1.
    • Users can now navigate directly to a URL after logging in (i.e., deeplinks are now supported after login).
  • Configuration and Design
    • New 'popout' option to preview a form in the Form Designer.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fix: Upgrade process for 2.1 did not upgrade some views successfully.

Vivaldi 2.1.1

  • Fix: Some implementations of drilling to another form was not working for Firefox and IE

Vivaldi 2.1

  • Runtime Experience
    • Table forms now support checkboxes
  • Configuration and Design
    • Field display types that can't be used for a detail or tabular form won't show up in the list of options in the form item definition.
    • Tabular forms now support the Checkbox display type.
    • New Example table and detail forms to help provide a demonstration of the variety of options available when configuring your forms.
    • The 'Field Help' property can now be used to provide hover text for Buttons on your forms.
    • Adding the Custom CSS 'clearafteradd' to your control on a detail form will cause it to clear when a user clicks the 'Save and Add Another' option.
    • Adding the Custom CSS 'vivaldi-bold' will bold a column's text.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fix: only the first role assigned to a user was being used to determine form permissions.
    • Fix: click the User Role Assignment edit button didn't filter to that user/role combination.

Vivaldi 2.0

  • Runtime Experience
    • 25%+ improvement to page load times
    • PDF exports now exclude action buttons on tables, page title matches form name
    • Users see a warning message when a Detail form has no results (but is expected to from being launched in a filtered condition)
    • Fix: Menu did not close when user clicked an item on a mobile device
  • Configuration and Design
    • New Master-Detail form wizard
    • New Default Value wizard to help guide options for defaults like current date, current user
    • New option to place extended information in expand/collapse section in tabular forms
    • Support for timestamp data type in Date and Time form controls
    • When a field default value is the current date and time, it now shows based on the user's local timezone.
    • Fix: timestamp date format not showing correctly in tables
  • Miscellaneous
    • Debug mode now reports query response times

Vivaldi 1.4

Vivaldi 1.3.2

  • Runtime Experience
  • Configuration and Design
    • New option to copy a form and it's related permissions
    • New option in the Click Event wizard to launch a drill form in a popup window.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Introduced support for servers that don't support MySQLND driver
    • A new 'rowlimit' URL parameter can be passed to the dynamicform.php URL to limit the number of rows displayed in a table.

Vivaldi 1.3.1

  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed issue with the Click Event drilldown event.
    • Small adjustment to default date format on tables based on customer feedback.

Vivaldi 1.3.0

  • Runtime Experience
    • Added jQuery UI to provide cleaner look and feel for many elements.
  • Configuration and Design
    • Enhanced select dropdown with search by keyword (you must add the class 'chosen-select' to your dropdown item)
    • New Tasks framework (early release) that supports managing tasks within Vivaldi
    • New Menu Designer to simplify creating menus and managing children
    • Drag & drop row re-ordering for table form items in the Form Designer.
    • Support for checkboxes as a form control display type.
    • Tables now support 'Date' and 'Date and Time' formatting (be sure to use the Display Format options with java formating syntax)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed issue where a table with a MySQL reserved word column name wouldn't update.

Vivaldi 1.2.1

  • Runtime Experience
    • New option for users to select at login to remember username when returning.
  • Configuration and Design
    • Click Event wizard now supports click events on any table column (not just buttons).
    • New upgrade-safe customer_htmlhead.php file to support customer-driven html header options
    • Added new "design" cog icon at top right for fast access to the Form Designer for authorized users.
    • Ability to add Collapse Panels to detail forms.
    • Resolved bug with Click Event and Format wizards.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed issue where a table with a MySQL reserved word column name wouldn't render.
    • Improved security on user HTML inputs.

Vivaldi 1.2.0

  • Runtime Experience
    • Improved navigation submenu colors for mobile users.
  • Configuration and Design
    • New Form Wizard creates and links Table and Detail forms, permissions, and menu items automatically based on a few simple prompts.
    • New Click Event wizard to allow users to navigate from a table row to another form.
    • New Style Options screen to manage basic color styles in the application.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Resolved issue where form guid was not displaying on the Form Detail screen.
    • Improved support for embedded pages that use jQuery. When upgrading, ensure you modify your js/customer.js file to use the following convention to prevent jQuery conflicts:
      var $custjs = jQuery.noConflict(); $custjs(...
      (in other words, replace any $ with $custjs)
    • Enhanced Administrator dashboard with connection information and ability to purge the event log.

Vivaldi 1.1.0

  • Runtime Experience
    • Enhanced horizontal table scrolling
    • Suppressed PHP warning message output for authentication
  • Configuration and Design
    • Improved clarity on display order of fields in the Form Design Wizard
    • Added Related Menu item section to Form Design Wizard
    • Ability to define Detail Form sections (add to core config....)
    • New Validate option for Form SQL
    • Improved clarity on what fields are needed for Form Property definition
    • Introduced table sorting/ordering by field
    • Added table paging configuration option
  • Miscellaneous
    • Resolved issue with MySQL tables that contain non-UTF8 data returning empty results.

Vivaldi 1.0.2

Various fixes

Vivaldi 1.0.1

Various fixes

Vivaldi 1.0

Initial Release